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What is Safecat?

Safecat is a Kitten Adoption Social Network based on blockchain technology that operated mainly through our advanced mobile application, with highly adaptive software for Foster Homes and Animal Shelters. Our fundamental mission and operating purposes are to provide technological and monetary support to kittens and animal shelters all around the world.

Software and social network

Despite many shelters in operation around the world, there are very few shelters with established online platforms and mobile applications for people to adopt and sponsor animals. Safecat’s mobile application will combine everything in one place, where you can adopt kittens from anywhere on the world with safety and convenience!

Besides, our app will be provided to shelters and foster homes to streamline managerial work and accelerate the welfare procedure through the application.

For all of our little, cuddly, curious, caring and furry friends, we have some exciting and entertaining stuff
The following activities can be carried out by using our Mobile applications advanced features:


  • Software Instant solution to organization-related problems.
  • Generate tokens as you help the kittens find a home!
  • Medical Monitoring, Greater Care, and Personalized Labelling.
  • Have fun and learn with our interactive games while doing social work.
  • Engage in outdoor activities by helping and protecting the Stray Animals.
  • Support Animal Shelters and get fabulous Rewards.

All these exciting, enticing and eventful benefits can be availed through the Safe Cats Mobile application.

Our services

Contract-based Storage

Blockchain-based electronically operated paperwork with automated record maintenance through our mobile app.

Automated Promotion

Mobile App’s Adoption Social Network results in enhanced visibility and promotion of these Adorable and Adoptable Pets.

Get rewards and acknowledgements

Using our mobile app for Sharing Publications, Offering Foster Homes and Donating Generously for these Playful Cats can win you Inspirational, Illustrious, and Memorable Rewards.

Medical monitoring

Veterinarians and Animal Shelters will have remote access to all clinical data of the kittens through the related features on our Mobile application. After the formal Adoption procedure, they will be able to verify all the details. For instance, if animal has been sterilized or not.

We care and educate

Relevant Adopters are trained and Educated through our Libraries so that they may take the best possible care of the Adopted Kitten.



Interactive map

On your mobile phone, You can find custom locations added by users: Lost pets, hungry kittens, kittens in danger …
Engage yourself in outdoor activities while helping Stray Animals survive!


Kittens live on the blockchain

Immediately, all the kittens included in the network will be added to the blockchain database in the mobile application. Adopters and Animal Shelters will have access to manage all the Kittens information at any moment, in a swift and convenient manner. The mobile app will serve as a gateway to the data stream.


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