Every 2 out of 3 households in the United States are pet owners. According to figures, there are over 390 million pets in the U.S., and out of these, nearly 42 million are cats. Pets do so much for us. They keep us company, entertain us and provide us with emotional support. They are often our best friends and companions. Despite being a crucial part of so many families and lives, it is not uncommon for pet cats to be abandoned. In fact, 123,403 kittens were saved by animal protectors in 2019. They were abandoned pets that were rejected by owners. Animal abandonment rates have only increased over the years. In this article, we are going to discuss what are the reasons behind animal abandonment and what is the solution to this growing pandemic. Keep on reading to learn more.

Why Do People Abandon Their Pet Cats?

There can be many reasons behind abandoning your pet cat. With the growth in the number of animal shelters, it has become easier than ever to get rid of your pet cat. Some of the reasons for abandoning your pet cat can be genuine and understandable. Still, many people just get rid of their pets for the most absurd reasons. Here are some of the reasons why people abandon their pet cats:

-They bought it or rescued it on an impulse
Being a pet owner is a great responsibility. Sometimes people who get a pet cat do not understand the full scope of being a pet owner. They get a pet cat out of impulse. Maybe their friend has one, or perhaps they just find cats cute. What happens when you get a cat but don’t make the commitment to care for it? You abandon it shortly after. This is the case for a lot of kittens. When they grow older and start to act out because of boredom or inadequate training, people often tend to get rid of them. And they find themselves abandoned on the streets or in an animal shelter.

-They become inconvenient
Sometimes, people get a pet when they have a lot of free time on their hands. The pet provides them with a purpose and something to do. It helps them cure their boredom and loneliness. But as soon as they get busy, the pet cat becomes an inconvenience. They don’t have the time to care for it or take proper care of it. Some people do not understand that getting a pet is not a pastime. These cats also find themselves kicked out of their adopted homes.

-They are too expensive to maintain
Pet cats require a lot of care. This is something that a lot of people that get a pet cat fail to realize. You need to take your cat to the vet regularly, have its nails cut and get it proper food. When people are in love with their pet, these expenses don’t hurt them, but as soon as they start to fall out of love a little, it just becomes too expensive. Many people tend to abandon their pets simply because they think that the pets are becoming too costly to take care of.

-They are not allowed
If a pet owner moves to a location that is not pet friendly or where pets are not allowed. They simply abandon their pet cat to an animal shelter. It is so disheartening to think that the whole life of a pet cat can be turned upside down by three words “no pets allowed.”

-When people have a baby
This is another primary reason why people abandon their pet cats. When people a baby, they get rid of their pets. It seems that they are so delighted by the birth of a new member of their family that they completely forget the needs of another family member that has been with them for quite a while.

-Got a pet as a present
There are many people who bring pets as a gift for someone else. They often fail to understand if the person that they are gifting the pet to would make for a responsible owner or not. There are thousands of cats given to children on their birthdays. These poor cats often find themselves abandoned as soon as the child loses interest in them. If the parents of that child are not willing to take on the responsibility of having a pet, then there is no point in gifting it to that child. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not understand this concept.
It is sad to see that so many cats are abandoned each year due to people’s carelessness and irresponsible behavior. As a result of this problem, animal shelters are literally overrun with abandoned pets. Abandoned pet cats are abundant, and not nearly enough people willing to adopt them. This is a multi-pronged problem; it is not entirely the fault of animal shelters at all. It is also an issue of communication and networking. More abandoned pets would be able to find a new home if there was a portal or a platform that would connect people looking to adopt a cat with suitable animal shelters. There is also a need to assist animal shelters that are overwhelmed with abandoned pets.
It seems like the only ethical way of getting a pet is to adopt one from an animal shelter. It just does not make sense to buy a pet when there are literally millions of homeless and abandoned pets looking for new owners. Having a pet can be a source of great joy only when it is done ethically. And owning an animal is also a great responsibility. You have to be able to take proper care of it and educate yourself about animal care. A lack of awareness about animal care is the leading cause of animal abandonment around the world. Pets are not an accessory or something disposable. Animal abandonment is an often-ignored problem, and we at Safecat want to solve it.

The solution: Safecat

We have talked about all the problems faced by abandoned animals and the reasons behind them. Now, let’s talk about the solution. Safecat is a kitten adoption social network aimed at helping abandoned cats find new owners and homes. Here is how Safecat can help:

-Raise Awareness
We believe that there is a severe lack of awareness surrounding the grave issue of animal abandonment. The first thing that Safecat helps do is raise awareness about the subject. Our platform has a beneficial collection of resources that can aid in spreading the word about abandoned animals and the abuses they face. Safecat is also running several campaigns to spread awareness about this issue. Our aim is to educate people on being responsible pet owners. But awareness on its own is not the solution. Safecat is also motivating its users to adopt kittens through a rewards system. So, Safecat is tackling this problem from both ends; Motivating people to adopt kittens and at the same time educating them about the cause of abandoned animals.

-SafeCat – The Perfect Online Adoption Platform
There is not a shortage of animal shelters around the world, but there is a lack of a platform that they can all use to network with each other and with people who want to adopt pets. Safecat is an online platform that is going to bring everyone together at a single place and allow animal shelters to increase their visibility. Safecat makes the process of adopting a kitten easier than ever before. Instead of having to look on several different platforms, you will just have to search on Safecat, and you will find your perfect little fluffy ball of joy. Safecat allows you to see all the kittens that are available for adoption in the animal shelters around you.

-Better Adoption Process Management
Safecat also aims to make the job of animal shelters a lot easier. Animal shelters have to list all the animals that are up for adoption almost daily on different platforms. This can prove to be a very time-consuming and laborious process. Using Safecat, animal shelters will be able to use the animal’s adoption management feature to make this process easy to manage and less time-consuming. It will make the listing of pets for adoption more effective, productive, and safe.

-Better Tracking
Another very common problem is unwanted litter. The solution to this problem is sterilization. It can help prevent the over-population of abandoned animals. Animal shelters often lack the tools to deal with these situations. Safecat ensures that vets and animal shelters are able to track an adopted kitten to ensure its sterilization.

-Self-Promotion System
The more visible an animal shelter makes an animal, the higher its chances become of getting adopted. Most animal shelters do not have the time or resources to make this happen. Safecat takes care of this problem. The self-promotion system available on the platform makes it easy for every kitten to get the attention that it deserves.

-Better Medical Care all Pets
It is common for animals who are not documented to not get the basic medical care from their owners. With Safecat, veterinarians can do a follow-up on adopted animals in their near vicinity. Safecat also gives them the option to send notifications to users who cannot meet the requirements of basic medical care for their pets. This is a great feature that ensures the wellbeing of all adopted animals in an area. This motivates the users to take proper care of their pets and allows professionals to keep a check on the pets.

-Blockchain Technology
Safecat also solves pet property problems by utilizing blockchain technology.

-Safecat- One Platform for All Those Who Want To Help Animals!
Currently, there is a vast communication gap between shelters, veterinarians, and associations. There is a dire need for a union to bring everyone to the table to discuss how we can help the animals. Safecat provides the platform to do just that. Its goal is to bring like-minded people together—those who want to help animals. The Safecat community chat allows the members to share their views through articles, talk and collaborate to save lives. People can also ask for help by submitting a request!

-Safe Donation Process
Most people are afraid to make big donations. They don’t want to get scammed, or they simply don’t trust the organizations due to a lack of transparency. Safecat solves this problem. The blockchain technology used by Safecat will give the user the 100% transparency they want in order to make sure their donations are used for the right purpose.

-SafeCat – A platform Designed for Today’s Digital World!
Most of the current adoption platforms have not aged well with time. They have not adapted to the changing technology as much, which has resulted in a lack of interest by the audience. The intuitive interface of Safecat not only makes the adoption process fun but also educational. Moreover, the platform’s interface is mobile-friendly, which allows the user to adopt the kittens via their cell phone!
So, there you have it. The pandemic of animal abandonment does not require a vaccine to stop. It is going to stop when we start to take proper care of our pets and start to adopt pets that are in need of new homes. The aim of Safecat is to combat animal abandonment and make the process of adopting a kitten easy and seamless for everyone. We hope that you find this article helpful. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.