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Animal Abandonment – Another Growing Pandemic

Every 2 out of 3 households in the United States are pet owners. According to figures, there are over 390 million pets in the U.S., and out of these, nearly 42 million are cats. Pets do so much for us. They keep us company, entertain us and provide us with emotional...

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We introduce you to our new collaborator, he makes fantastic and very entertaining videos. His love for cats and his dedication to the cause should be admired. He will help us to raise awareness among Safecat users about the abandonment of animals and how wonderful it...

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Today we are pleased to inaugurate the official Safecat's blog! Here we will talk about different topics, such as: development of the app, care of your pet, awareness against abandonment, token, community, videos, news, memes, competitions etc... So if you like our...

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